Bernard-Henri Lévy in person at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre on January 17 & 18 [fr]

LOS ANGELES (December 19, 2019) – On January 17 and 18, Landmark’s Nuart Theatre welcomes renowned philosopher, writer, activist, and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy to present his eye-opening documentaries from the front lines of conflict in Bosnia, Libya, and most recently Kurdistan and Iraq. This retrospective includes the U.S. theatrical premiere engagements of his latest films Peshmerga and The Battle of Mosul, as well as special screenings of his earlier works Bosna! and The Oath of Tobruk.


Bernard-Henri Lévy, 2016, France, 92m, DCP
In 2015, Bernard-Henri Le?vy travelled to the front lines of ISIS, seeking first-hand understanding of the ongoing conflict. With unprecedented access and disarming immediacy, Le?vy and a team of cameramen journey across the 650 miles separating Iraqi Kurdistan from Islamic troupes. In close quarters with the Peshmergas, the Kurdish fighters who show unfailing determination in their harrowing battle against Jihadi fundamentalism, the images captured provide an arresting perspective on a still-unfinished war with immense global implications.

Official Selection: Cannes Film Festival
In Kurdish, Arabic, English and French with English subtitles

The Battle of Mosul

Bernard-Henri Lévy, 2017, France, 55m, DCP
Picking up where Peshmerga left off, the most recent of Lévy’s riveting cinematic dispatches begins on October 17, 2017, the first day of the battle to free Mosul from the Islamic State. The declared capital of ISIS and the burial place of the Prophet Jonah, the city of Mosul holds great significance Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike. Following both the Kurds and the Iraqi Golden Division Special Forces, Lévy and his team once again provide front row access at every step of the strategic battle culminating in the reclamation of the eastern half of the city.

In Kurdish, Arabic, English and French with English subtitles


Bernard-Henri Lévy / Alain Ferrari, 1994, France / Bosnia and Herzegovnia, 117m, DCP
Lévy’s cri-de-coeur about the carnage in Sarajevo during the Bosnian war of 1992–95 calls attention to the terrible conflict in the hopes of ending it. Divided into five distinct parts beginning with the outbreak of the war in April 1992, the film depicts in real time the genocide suffered by the Bosnians, the silence of Western countries, and, most importantly, the determination of the Bosnians to resist.

Official Selection: Cannes Film Festival
In French with English subtitles

The Oath of Tobruk

Bernard-Henri Lévy / Marc Roussel, 2012, France, 100m, DCP
Tracking six months of behind-the-scenes work in war-torn Libya, Lévy bargains with the emergent National Transitional Council and urges Western leaders to use military force against Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Lévy’s courageous hands-on intervention helps build the international consensus for UN military action, while his camera captures the awe inspiring Libyan landscape.

Official Selection: Cannes Film Festival
In French with English Subtitles

The retrospective schedule is as follows:
  • Friday, January 17
    7 PM - Q&A following Peshmerga and The Battle of Mosul (double feature)
  • Saturday, January 18
    1:20 PM Bosna! - introduction only
    4:20 PM The Oath of Tobruk – introduction only
    7 PM - Q&A following Peshmerga and The Battle of Mosul (double feature)

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