Could I become French?

The most common way of becoming French is by government’s decree.

In most cases, the applicant has to live in France to access French nationality that way. Exceptions are very seldom. If you think it might apply to you, please contact

It is also, in some instance, possible to become French by volontary declaration.
It might be the case following the simple adoption of a child (as opposed to full, which has immediate effect as regards nationality). One can also become French when one has, for a long period of time, be wrongly considered French by the French authorities.

The most common declaration, though, and that that applies to most applicants living abroad, is the declaration that one can sign when married to a French citizen.

The declaration of French nationality following marriage to a French citizen

This declaration supposes that the spouses still live together.

It is also compulsory that the applicant has reached at least a level B1 in French.

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Last modified on 22/08/2020

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