Exemption to enter France for foreigners (with a French partner) [fr]

Please find below all the requirements for you application to be taken into account :

● A letter from both partners, including the details for both of them (first and last name, date and place of birth, address, email, phone number). That letter should briefly sum up your situation and let us know how long the foreign partner plans to stay in France;
● a copy of the French partner’s French (identity card and/or valid French passeport);
● a proof of the residence of the said partner in France (electricity or gaz bill for instance) ;
● Objective proofs of the sentimental relationship, such as:
- a civil contract similar to the French PACS;
- a common lease (even if both partner do not leave there at all times);
- proof of a common bank account or common bills;
- copies of the both partner’s passports pages including proof of common stays over time (in France, in the States or elsewhere)
- proofs of former stays of the foreign partner in France (invoices, boarding passes)

All the documents need to prove that the relation exists for at least 6 months prior the borders closed (march 16th 2020) and are based on frequently seeing each other (not just virtual or over the phone).

Once the completed file is sent (to this email), there is no need to follow-up. We will contact you if anything.
Please note that your application should not exceed 10mo.
Due to the many applications we are getting, we will come back to you as soon as possible.

If the foreign partner usually needs a visa to go to France, the application needs to be sent to visas@consulfrance-washington.org.
The French consulate in Los Angeles only takes care of applications if you live in our district.

Last modified on 08/09/2020

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