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The Office for Science and Technology (OS&T) is headed by a Science Counselor, who reports to the Ambassador, with 8 attachés -all well recognized scientists or science policy specialists-, 10 deputy attachés, and staff. The OS&T also houses and works closely with the North America Representatives of the 3 French research agencies: CNES, CNRS, et INSERM, forming the Mission pour la Science et la Technologie (MS&T).

The OS&T works with the other sections of the Embassy: Culture, Economy and Trade, Nuclear, Environment, Chancellery … to better assess the socio-economic impact of science and technology in today USA.

The OS&T operates in close conjunction with numerous French institutions: research agencies, universities and engineering schools, centers for technology transfer, competitiveness clusters, incubators, businesses… and by different means: promotional actions, Franco-American collaborative development, and information collection.

Thanks to its wide territorial presence and wide range of science disciplines, the OS&T is an active, reactive and proactive observer of the scientific activity, of technological innovations and their impact. The OS&T has several branches located across the United States: main office in the French Embassy in Washington D.C., and within the French consulates in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston , San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The main goals of the Office for Science and Technology are:

- to promote the French S&T with US actors, and with science expats, by organizing events, by publishing local or topical newsletters.
- to watch scientific breakthroughs, investments and innovations in key domains, by networking with academic people, agencies, scientific associations, Congress, think-tanks and other R&D decision-making circles.
- to report to France, via cables, weekly notes, embassy reports
to sustain existing scientific partnerships, to build new ones, by organising visits of experts, seminars, on common interest topics, by promoting the annual calls of the French-US joint endowments or funds.
- to foster doctoral mobility of students and researchers, in particular with our flagship program Chateaubriand , and other incentives.

For more information on science diplomacy, please read the official report "Une diplomatie scientifique pour la France" (in French).

Please visit the official website of the Office for Science and Technology, Embassy of France in the United States, for more information.

Contact us

Jean Rosenbaum
Attaché for Science and Technology
Tel : (310) 235-3248

Jean Rosenbaum joined the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in Washington in September, 2016 as Scientific Attaché specialized in Life Sciences. His office is currently based in the French Consulate in Los Angeles, California.

Before occupying this position, he was trained as a Medical Doctor, then worked as a research scientist for the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM, France). His first appointment was in the Paris area (Créteil, 1990-1995). Then in 1995, he moved to Bordeaux where he became the head of an INSERM laboratory (1995-2016). He was also the Director of the Department of Life Sciences and Health of the University of Bordeaux (2015-2016) and worked as scientific officer at the French High Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES, 2011-2016).

Jean Rosenbaum’s research dealt mostly with liver diseases. He contributed to over 120 scientific publications.

Gabrielle Mérite
Deputy Attachée for Science and Technology (VI)
Tel : (310) 235-3212

Gabrielle Mérite joined the Office for Science and Technology at the Embassy of France in Washington DC in November 2015, as the Deputy Attachée for Life Sciences. Her office is located at the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, which is responsible for the American Southwest region.

She graduated with a Master’s in Immunotherapies and Bioengineering from Pierre and Marie Curie University, and also holds a Magistere degree in Biology and Biotechnology from Paris-Sud University, where she received an education that combined life sciences and business strategies courses (accounting, marketing, communication, languages…).

Before taking office in Los Angeles, she worked as a press assistant for the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) where she helped spread scientific news to the media.

Before that, she worked at the health department of the EDELMAN agency where she helped promote health products developed by major companies such as Aptalis, Novartis, Dove and Unilever.

Finally, during her studies, Gabrielle Mérite participated in several research internships in immunology and genetics at the human genetics of infectious diseases laboratory (now part of the Imagine Institute – Inserm Unit 1163) and at the I3 laboratory of Pitié-Salpètrière CHU.

Intern for Science and Technology

Please note that we are not in charge of the recruitment. We invite you to consult the web site of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

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