February 20, 2011

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Le Salon de Musiques / Chamber Music Salon Series

at 4 pm
(Every third Sunday through May 2011)

Created by French pianist/melodist Francois Chouchan, this original concept of making chamber music even more accessible, gives music lovers the opportunity to be embraced by the music, and to become totally immersed in the experience.

This month, Phillip LEVY(violin), Victoria MISKOLCZY (viola), David LOW (cello), Francois CHOUCHAN (piano)

SCHUBERT : Sonatina for Violin and Piano n.1 in D Major D 384
BRAHMS : Piano Quartet in G minor Opus 25

location : Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, 135 N Grand Ave - Los Angeles, CA 90012

info : www.lesalondemusiques.com/
(310) 498 0257



The 19th Annual Pan African Film Festival (PAFF) will take place February 16-23, at the Culver Plaza Theatres,
9919 West Washington Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90232.

Information about PAFF can be found at www.paff.org

Tickets can be purchased ahead of time at the box office beginning February 16

The Black Mozart in Cuba

Writer : Stéphanie James
Director : Steve James

Born in Guadeloupe to a Black slave and a French nobleman, Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, became one of the most remarkable figures of the 18th century—the best fencer in Europe, violonist virtuoso and genius composer, but also the first Black free mason and general in the army.

Shot in Cuba, which dedicates a week of cultural activities to his memory and welcomes Saint Georges as “a great hero of the Caribbean.”

Screens : Fri, Feb 18@1:45pm ; Sun, Feb 20@11:50am

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Jazz Mama

(2010/Democratic Republic of Congo/Short Documentary/30min)

Writer : Petna Ndaliko Katondolo
Director : Petna Ndaliko Katondolo

How do you talk about rape in a place where basic human rights are systematically violated ? Ndaliko skirts the boundaries of reality and fiction, offering a compelling portrait of Congolese women who stand strong in their communities and denounce the violence they experience.

Screens : Fri, Feb 18@4:10pm ; Sun, Feb 20@4:15pm

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The Manuscripts of Timbuktu

(2009/South Africa/Documentary Feature/74min)

Writer : Zola Maseko
Director : Zola Maseko

The life of powerful Black icon and one of Africa’s greatest scholars, Ahmed Baba, is dramatized in the context of his life in Timbuktu along with the thousands of remarkable manuscripts of Timbuktu, once a center of world scholorship and learning.

Screens : Sun, Feb 20@12:00pm ; Tue, Feb 22@1:45pm

Viva Riva !

(2010/DRCongo/France/Belgium/South Africa/Narrative Feature/96min)

Writer : Djo Munga
Director : Djo Tunda Wa Munga

Viva Riva ! offers a portrait of urban Africa too rarely seen on screen. Even more surprising are its scenes of urgent sensuality, as Riva pursues Nora - or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Screens : Sun, Feb 20@8:05pm ; Tue, Feb 22@8:20pm

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