Corinne Chaix - Lynn Hanson

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Corinne Chaix Exhibition

Runs until the April 17

Dive into the fantastical world of Corinne Chaix at her latest exhibition with Lynn Hanson at Joe’s Restaurant in Venice Beach.
This Paris native, now living and working in Los Angeles is a fan of Jules Verne adventures and her last works are openly tinged with his universe. Sea monsters and underwater creatures have evolved to become intelligent members of an "underwater society". While humans may have forged the society they no longer remain the best equipped to lead it.
Chaix likes to explore the ambiguity of relationships in painting individuals, couples, and groups. The psychological themes that her subjects represent are like film narratives that give viewers plot clues.

Joe’s Restaurant, 1023 Abbot Kiney Blvd. - Venice, CA 90291 (valet parking available)

Last modified on 28/03/2011

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