April 23rd

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Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by New York-based painter Michel Alexis. There will be a reception for the artist Saturday, April 23, 5-7 PM.

Michel Alexis’ current body of work is an extension of a series he began some twenty years ago, in which he incorporated the notations and prose of Gertrude Stein. While the words themselves have left Alexis’ canvases, remnants of the motion and form of the written word are suggested through sweeping, calligraphic markings. In the new work, as with the old, words and letters are drained of meaning, freed of origin and occupy a strictly formal space. Alexis adapts the physical act of writing, translating it as drawing, incising and gesturing to create his own distinct, complex visual vocabulary. Alexis’ gestures are set off by jostling rectangles made of paper, burlap and other textured material, which fold, wrinkle and crease as they abut one another, or shift to reveal fissures of substrate color.

For further information please call 310 829 3300
or visit www.ruthbachofnergallery.com

DATES : April 23 - June 4, 2011

RECEPTION : Saturday, April 23, 5-7 PM

LOCATION : Ruth Bachofner Gallery
Bergamot Station Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave. G2
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Panoramic Artist Olivier Pojzman Newest Tour De Force
SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA, U.S.–– The Big Wednesday Gallery is pleased to present fine-art photographer Olivier Pojzman’s ROUTE 66 : Ménage à Trois. Join us at The KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center at 412 North El Camino Real, San Clemente, California, U.S. 92672 on Saturday April 23rd from 6-12p.m. for the artist’s opening of these large (as big as 10x10 feet) works of art.

ROUTE 66 : Ménage à Trois came about from Pojzman’s love of the open road, especially the iconic highway that stretches 2,400 miles, connecting eight American states. The dusty road runs from Illinois through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in California. Pojzman’s keen eye has captured the quirkiness of many forgotten roadside beauties, combining snapshots to create idyllic photographic mementos. ROUTE 66 : Ménage à Trois is a series of limited edition photographic giclees printed on canvas, in triptych form, which individual units can be mixed and exchanged, thus forming new Ménage à Trois’s.

The exhibit will be viewable daily in the Big Wednesday Gallery at The KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center from April 23rd- May 31st, 2011.

For more information about ROUTE 66 : Ménage à Trois and The KONA Gallery, please contact Rebekah Colby at +1.949. 481.3747 or email Rebekah@TheKONAGallery.com.

OLIVIER POJZMAN and IRISWORK- www.iriswork.com --- Olivier Pojzman is a familiar face to the photojournalism community. Trained in art and design and originally from Paris, Pojzman came to America more than 15 years ago. He has spent his earlier career shooting celebrities and the elite for ZUMA thus, creating his high-profile commercial portfolio. Pojzman’s celebrity clientele includes Queen Latifa, Paris Hilton, Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff and David Carradine. Pojzman recently joined the Smartypants School team of experts as the Director of Photography developing an application for the iPad designed to assess children’s basic reading skills. Pojzman is well recognized in exhibits in Malibu, Palm Desert, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Studio City and Miami that display his fine art photographic panoramas.

THE KONA GALLERY AND PHOTOJOURNALISM CENTER––Unveiled on October 7, 2009 by photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott Mc Kiernan, The KONA Gallery is a space dedicated to the presentation and discourse of photojournalism. The vision of The KONA Gallery has been to expose a broad audience to moving historical moments through the lens of acclaimed photographers. The center will be holding exhibits in its’ two galleries and a monthly lecture series will be held in the BIG WEDNESDAY Gallery, along with workshops thru out the year and other educational presentations.

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Works by Jean Faucheur at the Maximillian Gallery

Maximillian Gallery is pleased to present works by Jean Faucheur.

Graduate of the famous Parisian Art Décos school, Jean Faucheur is one of the most important artists of our generation and was one of the forerunners of French urban art in the early 80s. The technique that made him famous consisted of gluing large (3 m H by 4 m W) hand painted posters over commercial billboards throughout Paris. This initiative, known as ’Reclaiming The Streets’, made such a strong impression on the scene that he was soon followed at the time by emerging artists like Claude Closky and Pierre Huyghe.
Following this success and upon art dealer Tony Shafrazi’s invitation, Faucheur made his first New York exhibition in 1983 and encountered Keith Haring, Futura 2000 and Kenny Sharf. Following his time in New York, Faucheur returned to Paris, where he found himself supported by a new player in the urban art game, Agnès b. In the 90’s Faucheur turned to sculpture, photography and public art and now as he settles in the Oberkampf quarter, the new artistic Parisian rendez-vous, he meets numerous members of the new urban art wave on a daily basis and has become one of the first street art curators.

Opening Reception Saturday April 23, 2011 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition : April 23 – May 26, 2011
Every Day, 1PM – 8PM, and by appointment (Closed Mondays)
Place : Maximillian Gallery at Sunset Marquis
1200 Alta Loma Road
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Link : About Maximillian Gallery

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