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JPEGLast year you followed the great work of the Jeunes Talents, the eight photographers sended to Aix en Provence, Arles, Lille, Marseille, Tahiti and Toulon.

This year, for the fifth edition of Jeunes Talents, Atout France invite you to discover the new selected Jeunes Talents, Sam Ash and Valorie Polmer from Parsons school of Design, Christie Hemm and Maeghan Henryfrom Art Center, Christina Hendershaw and Brandy Wolfe from OTIS, Johanna Breiding andChristopher Golden from California Institute of Art. Six of them were in Metz, Rouen and Toulouse in France, and the two last ones in Martinique (in the Caribbean).

To follow their trip to France, their impressions and photos, you may go on their dedicated Blog on and soon vote for your favorite photos. Also you can follow them on the Franceguide Facebook,

Have a nice trip through the Jeunes Talents eyes!

For Immediate Release:

French Way of Life Is Focus of Jeunes Talents Cultural Travel Program

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The 2011 selection of photographers for the 5th Annual Jeunes Talents photography program were announced today by ATOUT FRANCE, the French Cultural Services in Los Angeles/ New York, and FLAX Foundation.
All are U.S. college students from art schools in Los Angeles and New York. Each will receive an all-expense paid, 10-day trip to photograph destinations in France and/ or Martinique, a French overseas region located in the Caribbean. Travel dates are April 8-18, 2011 for France and April 14-23, 2011 for Martinique.
The young photographers, schools and destinations for the 5th Annual Jeunes Talents program are:

- Christine Hemm Art Center College of Design

- Maeghan Henry Art Center College of Design

- Johanna Breiding California Institute of the Arts

- Christopher Golden California Institute of the Arts

- Christina Hendershaw Otis College of Art and Design

- Brandy Wolfe Otis College of Art and Design

- Sam Ash Parsons The New School for Design

- Valorie Polmer Parsons The New School for Design

A cultural tourism initiative that supports emerging U.S. photographers, Jeunes Talents combines tourism and the arts, photography and real-life experience, travel and inspiration and American and French sensibilities to illustrate life in France today.

Although the young photographers will be given complete freedom to capture what they see from their own artistic perspectives, they have been assigned topics that reflect each destination’s rich cultural and economic heritage. Students in Metz, capital of the Lorraine region in northern France, will take on performance art and urban planning. Those in Toulouse, which is a major aeronautic and gastronomic center, will focus on air, space and art de vivre. Rouen and the Seine Valley, celebrated for its long connection with the arts, will be viewed through the lens of Impressionism and conservation. The local arts and crafts and lush natural settings will be the focus of those traveling to the island of Martinique in the French West Indies.

“The challenge faced by this new generation of American photographers is to capture the essence of contemporary French life from new points of view,” states Benoit Chollet, Deputy Director for Atout France. “That involves a flair for the unexpected, openness to new experiences and the talent to capture a picture-perfect moment.”

Inspired by the longstanding tradition of American artists travelling to France to expand their artistic horizons, the project culminates in a group show at Gallery 825 in Los Angeles this fall. Gallery 825 is operated by the Los Angeles Art Association, which provides opportunities and resources for Los Angeles artists with an emphasis on emerging talent. The photographers will be mentored and their work will be curated by eminent photography curator Tim B. Wride.

Images from the program will also be used in an innovative advertising campaign by ATOUT FRANCE, the French Tourism Development Agency, highlighting the destinations visited by the students.

In addition to the gallery exhibition, catalogue and advertising campaign, visitors to the Jeunes Talents website will be able to follow the young artists’ experiences in France. They will post photos and blog daily starting April 7—the departure date for the majority of the group. A selection of about 20 photos from each photographer will be posted in late May and visitors to will be invited to vote for best artist and photo. Voting will close September 15, 2011 and the winner will be announced early this fall.

Jeunes Talents is a cultural project of ATOUT FRANCE, the French Tourism Development Agency; the French Cultural Services in Los Angeles and New York and FLAX France Los Angeles Exchange, a Los Angeles foundation dedicated to fostering a better understanding of France through public and cultural art events. Other partners include the tourist offices of Martinique, Metz, Rouen and Toulouse and Rail Europe.

For more information:

 ATOUT FRANCE, the France Tourism Development Agency: Marion Fourestier, Director of Communications,

 Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, Stephanie Rainin, Press Attaché,

 FLAX Foundation, Robin Faulk, Marketing,

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