April 26th

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Paris : Life & Luxury

Major Getty Exhibition recreates a day in the life of a fashionable 18ty-Century Parisian townhouse in the cultural epicenter of Europe

Evoking the elegant, prosperous world of Rococo Paris, this major, international loan exhibition brings to life activities that took place inside a Parisian town house over the course of a typical day-from dressing and letter writing to dining, music, and other evening entertainments. Paris : Life and Luxury unites prime examples of the extraordinary creative virtuosity of the period’s great artists and craftsmen, including furniture, fashion, silver, paintings, sculpture, musical instruments, clocks, and books. Rarely shown together, these objects literally and figuratively open up, allowing their functions and the parts they played in the fine art of eighteenth-century Parisian living to be understood by contemporary visitors.

Date : April 26-August 7, 2011
Place : The J. Paul Getty Museum
1200 Getty Center Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Link : J. Paul Getty Museum

4/26 @ The Independent - San Francisco, CA

The Parisian duo Jamaica is a French Indie power-pop group combining catchy pop rock songs with super tight electro productions. Somewhere between Phoenix and Justice, the group is comprised of Antoine Hilaire and Flo Lyonnet. They have recorded their debut album, “No Problem” (Coop), with Xavier de Rosnay of Justice and Peter Franco, the "audio supervisor" for Daft Punk. Defying expectation, their music is a virtually synth-free zone, or rather they had a no-synth rule for performance. They sound like a grungier version of Phoenix, with upbeat, guitar-led melodies and a thick bassline.

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