Les Jolis Trésors, Long Beach, California

Les Jolis Trésors, Long Beach, California

Les Jolis Trésors, the Long Beach contemporary art gallery, just premiered its latest
exhibit, Coup de Foudre, where it will remain on view through July 23, 2011.

Coup de Foudre – this French expression has two meanings: literally, a "bolt of lightning"; figuratively,
"love at first sight". And most visitors of the show at Les Jolis Trésors completely go along with either
acceptation, as these are illustrated by the ceramics of Lynne Haggard, and the paintings of Annie Clavel,
Hiroko Momii, and Veronica Schmitt.
The artists’ opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 16, 2011 from 6 pm through 9 pm at
Les Jolis Trésors, 3226 East Broadway in Long Beach

Lynne Haggard’s work is definitely whimsical, but at the same time captures mood, personality – even
poignancy. Her hand-built pieces range from small to close to life-size – some are seated or pedestal
displayed, some hang on the wall.

Hiroko Momii’s abstract paintings communicate awe, beauty and sublime aspects of life. Hiroko’s
obsession for creating vibration through a combination of colors on her canvas is at the heart of her visual

Light is the strongest element of Veronica Schmitt’s paintings. Veronica uses the light to transform
some-thing ordinary into something extraordinary. Her work often shows solitary figures and people
engaged in their daily habits. Some of her new artworks depict scenes from Long Beach restaurants.

Annie Clavel, the owner of the gallery, is showing new works - abstract and representational acrylics. As
always she paints what she feels in her heart and imagination, not what she sees in front of her, which
translates to a painting full of emotion and thought.

About Les Jolis Trésors:
Les Jolis Trésors opened its doors in Long Beach’s Broadway district in December 2009.
Annie Clavel, the owner and curator, is a French artist who has lived in Long Beach since 2006.
Her gallery specializes in showcasing luxury art pieces by local fine artists and jewelry designers. Whether you are seeking the right
piece of art for your home or business, a gift for a loved one, or are simply craving a quiet artful interlude, Les Jolis Trésors will be
delighted to serve you.

Annie Clavel, owner
Les Jolis Trésors
3226 East Broadway, Long Beach, CA 90803

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