Jeunes Talents 2011!


Jeunes Talents 2011 is a collaboration between eight U.S. photography students from art colleges in Los Angeles and New York. The eight students were flown to France, and given an assignment to visually capture what they experienced during their visit. For most of the students, it was their first experience in another country. For all, Jeunes Talents represented an extraordinary voyage through four of France’s most spectacular cities and regions, where they were given carte blanche to observe, interact and express through their art a culture other than their own.

The resulting photographs are united in a dynamic exhibition that expresses the tensions of tradition and progress, history and modernity, rustic charm and urban vitality.

Shifting Perspectives: Martinique / Metz / Rouen / Toulouse
November 17 - December 2, 2011
Los Angeles Art Associations Gallery
825 located at 825 North La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Opening reception set for Thursday, November 17 at 6pm.

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