"Caribbean Crossroads": Confluences Conference - Feb 21-22 / UC Santa Barbara

“Train of okapis incline to tears the fleshy fingered river is digging into the hair of stones thousand moons mirrors rounding about thousand diamond bites thousand tongues with no orison fever interlacings of bow hidden tagged along hands of stone tickling the shadow of dreams plunged into the enactments of the sea.”
“Train d’okapis facile aux pleurs la rivière aux doigts charnus fouille dans le cheveu des pierres mille lunes miroirs tournants mille morsures de diamants mille langues sans oraison fièvre entrelacs d’archet caché à la remorque des mains de pierre chatouillant l’ombre des songes plongés aux simulacres de la mer.”

Aimé Césaire (1913-2008)
Translation: Gilles de Sèze

)) "Caribbean Crossroads": A Conference presented by UC Interdisciplinary Humanities Center ((

This conference explores the interactions and points of contact between the different cultural and linguistic zones that make up the Caribbean region, in support of a less insular, more archipelagic sense of Caribbean culture.

Contemporary Caribbean cultures are, as we know, the result of a complex mix of influences from around the world. Centuries before the term globalization was coined, the region occupied a strategic point in a global network of trade, communication, and, of course, labor. More recently, theories of intercultural hybridization and creolization have been central to debates over the cultural identity of the region. But what about the flows of culture within the region?
Despite repeated calls for “charting the Caribbean as a literary region” (A. James Arnold), literary scholars have been much less adept than (for example) musicologists at tracing intra-Caribbean cultural exchange.

This is due, in part, to the linguistic borders between the islands themselves a direct legacy of the region’s colonial history a fact that suggests the importance of comparatist and multilingual techniques for developing a better understanding of the region’s place within world literature.

To attend this Conference, please visit : http://www.ihc.ucsb.edu/caribbean-crossroads

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