"The Artist" wins 5 Oscars


Success for "The Artist" at the Oscar Academy Awards

"The Artist", still surfing on an international wave of success, just won 5 prestigious Oscars during the ceremony on February, 26.
The Oscar rewards attributed to “The Artist” are: Oscar for Best Director to Michel Hazanavicius ; Oscar for Best Movie to Thomas Langmann, Oscar for Best Actor to Jean Dujardin ; Oscar for Best Music to Ludovic Bource and Oscar for Best Costume Design to Mark Bridges.

Thanks to the praise from the critics, the distributor TWC (The Weinstein Company) should be expecting a wider release of copies in the American Theatres. Actually, the movie totals a gain of 32,861,971$ from the American box-office and 77,534,276 $ from the international box-office.

Last modified on 02/03/2012

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