The Hydroptere



Any professional or amateur sailor has already wondered what could
create the alliance of the most powerful winds and the ocean’s strength.

Imagine a trimaran, a vehicle using the qualities of an animal, half bird, half-dolphin,
skimming along the surface of the waves at speeds never reached before (without the use of fossil fuel).

Now imagine navigators and engineers who share this same dream and decide to develop
this project together. The very first research sketches leading to this beautiful invention
were found as far back as 1869…

> Friday 4 September 2009 in Hyères
The Hydroptère – from Greek Hydro [water] pter [wing] - broke the outright world record, sustaining
a speed of 52.86 knots (97.90 km/h; 60.83 mph) for 500m in 30 knots of wind.

||||| Long Beach Port. July 2012,

> Hydroptere DCNS Team:
Alain Thébault — Skipper
Yves Parlier — Sailor
Luc Alphand — Learner sailor
Jean Le Cam — Sailor
Jacques Vincent — Co-skipper
François Cazala — Technical supervisor
Jeff Mearing — Expert in electronics and measurement systems
Warren Fitzgerald — Boat Captain
Mickaël Lepersonnic — RIB pilot, safety
Emilie Monthioux — Logistics
Nicolas Baverez — Strategy
Julie Roure — Administrative and financial manager
Thomas Lesage — In charge of communication

“Today, thanks to the passion, energy and daring of these worthy successors of Ulysses and Icarus, thanks to the alchemy of science and resourcefulness, marine sensitiveness and cutting-edge technology, l’Hydroptère DCNS is the fastest sailing boat in the world. With the help of DCNS, Alain Thébault and his team wish to write a new chapter in this epic between the sky and the sea, with the conquest of the greatest oceanic records.”

“We’re going to be able to continue with our sea trials whilst we wait for a weather window to take shape. We’re satisfied with this initial outing and everyone worked well.”

Info, July 27th 2012: “NB: no favourable weather window appears to be shaping up within the next week at least.”

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