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’The French Old Wave’

“The popular idea of French cinema, if it reaches back further than Amélie, usually begins somewhere around Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut. This amnesia is no accident, as a New Wave requires an Old to discredit, and Truffaut climbed into the director’s chair over the bodies of elders he had tomahawked as a critic, some of whom have never recovered.

Older and granted the equanimity of success, Truffaut introduced a collection of his criticism, The Films in My Life, quoting Jean Renoir:
"I considered that the world, and especially the cinema, was burdened with false gods. . . . My perseverance during a half-century of cinema has perhaps helped to topple a few of them.
It has likewise helped me to discover that some of the gods were real and had no need to be toppled."

American Cinematheque and French Film Services - movie blowout "The French Old Wave" invites new worshippers to meet those old gods of French cinema. The bill of fare spans from the dawn of the sound era to the watershed year 1960, and an uninitiated visitor stands to discover a whole terra incognita of French cinema.

Such attention to the nuts and bolts of the workaday world, and the way in which life takes place when labor permits, shows a fellow feeling for the working class, whose on-screen avatar was Gabin, as near a thing as Film Forum’s series has to a single star.
To say that Gabin was Bogart and Tracy intersecting in a single actor would still not come close to encapsulating the importance of this extraordinary performer, who conveyed an entire philosophy in his carriage, as essentially French as the Parisian shrug.
In efficient motion, Gabin was at once dainty and solid, brisk yet resigned, not particularly handsome yet capable of breathtaking close-ups. "One eye smiles; the other frowns".

THE FRENCH OLD WAVE ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

>> A Program of French Movies Presented in association with Film Forum,
L’Institut Francais and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy.

Don’t miss 4 evenings of "OLD FRENCH WAVE"!
>From Thursday, September 6th to September 9th.

At the AERO [American Cinematheque]
> 1328 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica


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