San Diego visit of French researchers Jaffredo and Charbord

French researchers Thierry Jaffredo (Pierre and Marie Curie University – CNRS UMR 7622) and Pierre Charbord (INSERM U972 / Paul Brousse Hospital) visited South California, from January 20th to January 23rd 2013, in order to meet their American counterparts based in San Diego.

Drs Jaffredo and Charbord are currently working with Professor David Traver (University of California, San Diego) on a collaborative research project on stem cells. All three scientists were awarded, during autumn 2012, the first collaborative research grant offered conjointly by CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medecine) and ANR (“Agence Nationale de Recherche”), the national French agency for research, in an effort to help fuel fundamental research on stem cells.

During this official visit, Thierry Jaffredo and Pierre Charbord met with Dr Williams McGinnis, Dean for Biological Sciences at UCSD, and Dr Fabien Agenès, Attaché for Science and Technology at the Consulate General of France in Los Angeles. The collaborative project between Drs Jaffredo, Charbord and Traver was discussed, as well as the other collaborative research projects taking place between France and UCSD at the moment.


Meeting between Drs Jaffredo, Charbord and McGinnis during the French researchers’ official visit to South California in January 2013. From left to right: Thierry Jaffredo (CNRS UMR 7622), Michele Souyri (CNRS UMR 7622), Pierre Charbord (INSERM U972), Charles Durand (INSERM U972) et William McGinnis (UCSD). (© Fabien Agenès / Consulate General of France in Los Angeles 2013)

— Aurelie Perthuison

For more information on the three researchers awarded the first CIRM/ANR grant:

-  Pierre Charbord, INSERM U972 / Hôpital Paul Brousse
-  Thierry Jaffredo, Université Pierre et Marie Curie – CNRS UMR 7622
-  David Traver

For more information on the CIRM/ANR grant:

-  “CIRM signs agreement with France” – 03/21/2011
-  “CIRM Basic Biology Awards IV” – 02/28/2012
-  “France et Californie, ensemble pour la recherche sur les cellules souches” - Manon Lecomte and Aurelie Perthuison – BE Etats-Unis 310 – 11/27/2012 (in French)

For more information on UCSC:

-  William McGinnis, Dean for Biological Sciences, UCSD
-  UCSD home page

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