YEi 2013 Competition


On June 3, 2013, the Young Entrepreneurs Initiative (YEi) announced the commencement of the 2013 application period for its annual competition.

Started in 2005, YEi is a non-profit program whose goal is to support innovative American-based entrepreneurs interested in developing startup activities in France. The program is directed by RETIS, the non-profit French innovation network dedicated to promoting innovation players and programs in France, and is supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since its first competition, YEi has named 61 competition winners, 15% of which have already setup activities in France and 45% of which are working on transatlantic partnerships and expansion.


This year, YEi has increased the number of prizes awarded to 12 and gives candidates the opportunity to apply for prizes in two different categories. The five laureates chosen from the National prizes category will receive a one-week business tour in France with a customized accelerator program, qualified meetings, and a dedicated team of French experts and mentors. One of the five laureates will be chosen to receive the “Air France Sustainability Award.” The seven laureates selected from the Regional prizes category will be awarded a one-week soft-landing immersion in a French incubator or Business Innovation Center (BIC) member RETIS. The prizes in both categories also include pre-trip training in Boston, one year of individual coaching, a three-month trial in a French incubator or Business Innovation Center sponsor of YEi, and transportation to Paris provided in part by Air France and the French Consulate in Boston.

The application deadline for both categories is July 18, 2013.

For the eligibility criteria and more information, please visit the YEi website:


Last modified on 11/06/2013

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