« Glow Festival », la Nuit Blanche de Santa Monica

La troisième édition du « Glow Festival » s’est tenue dans la nuit du 28 septembre 2013 à Santa Monica.

Créée en 2008, cette manifestation culturelle s’inspire des Nuits Blanches parisiennes. Lancée en 2002 par Christophe Girard alors adjoint à la culture du maire de Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, la Nuit Blanche est aujourd’hui présente dans le monde entier, à Toronto, Montréal, Rome, Bruxelles ou encore Tel Aviv.

Elle cherche à amener l’art au grand public, en faisant intervenir des artistes contemporains dans des lieux qui sont peu ouverts au public, ou dont la fonction première n’est pas artistique, et à proposer au public une autre expérience de la ville.


Installation de l’artiste français Mathieu Briand (photo Bill Short).

« Glow festival » entretient depuis sa création des liens étroits avec la France. Cette année l’artiste français Mathieu Briand a été mis à l’honneur du festival. Son installation baptisée 6:43 pm a illuminé la nuit artistique de Santa Monica.


Monsieur Axel Cruau, Consul général de France à Los Angeles (à gauche), a ouvert le festival aux côtés du maire pro tempore de Santa Monica M. Terry O’Day.

Discours de M. Axel Cruau, Consul général de France à Los Angeles

Discours prononcé à l’occasion de l’ouverture de Glow le 28 septembre 2013 à Santa Monica

Dear Mayor Terry O’ Day,
Dear Michael Myers,
Dear Jessica Cusik,
Dear Marc Pally,
Dear Friends and Guests,

Dear Terry, thank you for this amazing presentation. I think we all are even more eager to discover this year’s transformation of Santa Monica into a city of lights and to plunge into the multifaceted experiences of this night.

I am very proud and honoured to be here among you to celebrate the third edition of Glow. It is indeed an honour to witness the way the City of Santa Monica share and enhance the concept of an all-night artistic event, les Nuits blanches, which was first designed in Paris 10 years ago in 2002. Our cities have much more to offer than we usually think, and contemporary art helps us rediscover our dwellings helps us see the city with new eyes.

Since 2008 and the first edition of Glow, Santa Monica has shown its extreme dynamism and cultural prominence by presenting an incredibly diverse array of international artists, among the most innovative of this day and age.

This year again, the City of Santa Monica celebrates its links with France and French contemporary art through Mathieu Briand’s sculpture evoking a temple to the sun on the oceanshore. The work testifies to Glow’s celebration of urban and natural beauties and we are very happy that this magnificent artwork represents France this year. His installation « 6:43 pm » follows those of Anne Deleporte in 2008 and of Celeste Boursier-Mougenot in 2010.

I want to aknowledge here tonight, those without whom Mathieu Briand’s work would not have been possible : first of all, the volonteers and sponsors of Glow, the French cultural services through the program Ceci n’est pas…, the Borchard Foundation and especially FLAX- France Los Angeles Exchange, with Elisabeth Forney who is with us tonight.

We all know what it takes to put together such an ambitious event. We know how inventive, dedicated and committed you have been in the long and difficult process of making this possible. So my special congratulations go to Cultural Affair Manager, Jessica Cusick and artistic director Marc Pally, the “Glow Ambassadors”.

Dear friends, France is proud to be part of Santa Monica’s third and still more vibrant Glow and hopes for ever deeper ties with Southern California. I wish you all a wonderful night and the discovery of a different Santa Monica, a glowing city of lights. Thank you.

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