Innovation: 12 French groups in top 100 most innovative organisations


For the second consecutive year, French companies are recognized for their exceptional performance in innovation. Twelve French groups have been identified as part of the hundred most innovative organizations worldwide ranking published by the information group Thomson Reuters. France holds the third place behind the United States and Japan.

22 European groups are distinguished, after France (12 honored groups) are Switzerland ( 4) , Germany ( 3 ), Sweden (2) and the Netherlands (1).

Nine French companies were selected :
- Alcatel-Lucent
- Arkema, EADS
- L’Oreal
- Michelin
- Saint-Gobain
- Thales
- Saffron
- Valeo

Three French organizations were selected:
- IFP Energies Nouvelles

The study puts in light the effectiveness of the French innovation policy, in particular the research tax credit.
"The three best performing countries appear to be those where the governments made the choice to stimulate innovation since several years, particularly through tax cuts." said Dominique Ducay, director strategy and development of intellectual property at Reuters.

The ranking was calculated with the volume of patents, but also the number of patents granted compared to the total number of patents submitted, the geographical scope and the reputation.

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Last modified on 07/10/2013

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