The horse–dragon, last born of les Machines de l’île in Nantes

The horse-dragon is the latest creation from La Machine and Francois Delarozière. It will make its first appearance on the banks of the Isle of Nantes, France.

© Photos : Patrick Garçon

A dragon head on a horse’s body, sharp teeth and pointy mustaches: this is the new creation of François Delarozière and La Machine Company. A beautiful piece of creativity! His name is Long Ma.
This horse-dragon, little brother of the giant elephant took its first steps on Tuesday, August 26th near the nave of Nantes. The impressive creature is 12 meters high, 5 meters wide and weighs 46 tones. Long Ma will make his first steps until 29 August, and the curious can admire him for free. The horse - dragon will then take off aboard containers towards China! Long Ma is indeed a gift from France to China, funded by a sponsor, and offered on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between France and China in Beijing in October.

Eventually, he will be permanently located in Beijing and could become just like the elephant in Nantes, one of the major touristic attractions of the city.

Discover the teaser:

Pierre Orefice and François Delarozière, the two creators of les Machines de l’île in Nantes, came to Los Angeles last April to receive the Thea Award for Unique Art Installation Worldwide, for their Marine Worlds Carousel (Carrousel des Mondes Marins).

Article: Marine World Carousel honored at TEA’s Thea Awards Gala

Last modified on 28/08/2014

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