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Browsing this newsletter, you will discover that August was an exciting time for research : Science is a never-ending journey for truth and knowledge. We are looking forward to another month full of discovery and invention.

NOVEMBER 14, 2014 - SAVE THE DATE !French Ameri-Can Climate TalkS - Los Angeles (FACTS LA) will be held at UCLA. The topic of the conference will be : "Climate Ready Cities : Taking Action to Mitigate Climate Change and Adapt in Urban Areas." Mat Kaplan, producer and host of Planetary Radio, will moderate the discussion and the following speakers will be present :

From France :
- Ms. Corinne Lepage : Former French minister of the environment, founder and president of Cap21 (green party)
- Ms. Valérie Masson-Delmotte : Paleo climatologist at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission
- Mr. Daniel Zimmer : Director of Innovation at “Knowledge Innovation Community- Climate”, European Institute of Technology

From Southern California :
- Mr. Alex Hall : Professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UCLA
- Ms. Mary Nichols : Chairman of the California Air Resources Board
- Ms. Pam O’Connor : Mayor, City of Santa Monica, CA

We encourage you to come and engage in the discussion of climate change. Registration will open soon.

Additionally, the Office for Science and Technology in Houston has the great pleasure to announce the first publication of its newsletter, FR-US Nanotechs Newsletter, dedicated to the research and technology in the field of Nanotechnology in France and in the United States. To receive this newsletter, sign up here.

To learn more about us or our activities at the Office of Science and Technology of the Consulate general of France in LA :
About us : http://www.consulfrance-losangeles.org/spip.php?article1139
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Kyle Costenbader, Science and Technology Intern
Viviane Chansavang, Deputy Attaché for Science and Technology
Fabien Agenes, Attaché for Science and Technology

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August 03, 2014 : Tumor Suppressor Mutations Alone Don’t Explain Deadly Cancer

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine have found evidence suggesting that the deleterious health effects of the mutated gene may in large part be due to other genetic abnormalities, including missing segments on the third chromosome.

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August 10, 2014 : Target Identified For Rare Inherited Neurological Disease In Men

Scientists at UCSD show that mutant androgen receptor protein deactivates transcription factors that regulate autophagy of non-working proteins. These aggregated proteins build up on neurons, progressively impairing their ability to control muscle contraction.

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August 11, 2014 : Researchers discover gene that slows bone loss and promotes bone formation

Researchers at UCLA discovered that Wnt4, a growth factor, slows osteoporosis in mice. This is achieved by inhibition of key pathways in the inflammatory process.

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August 11, 2014 : How Breast Cancer Usurps the Powers of Mammary Stem Cells

Scientists at UCSD have found that signals that regulate stem cell activation during pregnancy can be hijacked by cancer cells in a pathway that contributes to the progression aggressive tumors.

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August 13, 2014 : Single Gene Controls Jet Lag

Scientists at the Salk Institute have identified the gene Lhx1 as a potential “master regulator of light-dark cycle genes.

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August 14, 2014 : Genetic signal prevents immune cells from turning against the body

Scientists at the Salk Institute discovered a mechanism that uses the Foxp3 gene to balance the immune system and prevent regulatory immune cells from becoming over reactive.

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August 21, 2014 : Vault nanoparticles engineered at UCLA show promise for cancer treatment and possible HIV cure.

A team of scientists from UCLA introduced a drug into a vault nanoparticles for delivery to cells, where it can eliminate HIV.

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August 27, 2014 : Protein in ‘good cholesterol’ may be a key to treating pulmonary hypertension

A study at UCLA shows that oxidized lipids may contribute to pulmonary hypertension. HDL cholesterol related peptides can help reduce oxidized lipids, providing a potential new target for treatment.

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August 27, 2014 : Scripps Research Institute Scientists Link Alcohol-Dependence Gene to Neurotransmitter

New research at Scripps Institute shows that neurofibromatosis type 1 (Nf1) regulates GABA, a neurotransmitter that lowers anxiety. Variations in Nf1 are linked to alcohol dependence due to alcohol-related GABA activity.

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August 17, 2014 : Suspect gene corrupts neural connections

Investigators at the NIH have demonstrated how a rare mutation in the gene DISC1 disrupts the regulation of other genes underlying connections between neurons.

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August 20, 2014 : Test reliably detects inherited immune deficiency in newborns

A study supported by the NIH showed that early diagnosis of immune deficient newborns had a 92 percent survival rate.

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August 27, 2014 : Scientists plug into a learning brain

Scientists funded by the NIH discovered that it is easier to learn when nerve cells rearrange existing patterns of activity instead of generating new patterns.

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August 03, 2014 : Pharmacology : serotonin receptor structure revealed

The elucidation of the serotonin receptor via crystallography opens the way toward the design of new drugs that could control nausea.

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August 07, 2014 : Lipids boost the brain

Researchers investigating the effect of lipids bearing polyunsaturated chains found that the presence of these lipids makes neuronal membranes more sensitive to deformation and fission. Polyunsaturated fats could have beneficial effects ranging from neuronal differentiation to protection against cerebral ischemia.

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August 14, 2014 : From rectal cells to neurons : keys to understanding transdifferentiation

A team of researchers investigating how specialize cells change their identity identified the role of epigenetic factors involved in cell conversion.

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Seminar “mRNA Traffic, Local Translation and Fragile X Syndrome”
September 10, 2014 – 4:00 pm
Natural Sciences Building Auditorium Room 1205
More Information : https://calendar.ucsd.edu/DisplayEventDetail.asp?iEventID=78171&iSubCatID=&iRoomID

Biomedical Ethics Seminar “Consent for Research : Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
September 17, 2014 – 4:30pm - 6:30pm
Ambulatory Care Center, Hillcrest 175
More Information : https://calendar.ucsd.edu/DisplayEventDetail.asp?iEventID=88177&iSubCatID=2&iRoomID=

Seminar “Regulation of Dynein Motility”
September 24, 2014 – 4:00pm - 5:00pm
CNCB Marilyn Farquhar Seminar Room
More Information : https://calendar.ucsd.edu/DisplayEventDetail.asp?iEventID=88173&iSubCatID=3&iRoomID=

Salk institute for Biological Studies

Back to Basics Lecture “Nuclear Receptors and the Hunger Game : From Feast to Famine”
September 23, 2014 – 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Conrad T. Prebys Auditorium
Featured Speaker : Ron Evans, Ph.D.
More Information : http://www.salk.edu/rsvp/


The Epigenetic Clock and the Biological Age
September 11, 2014 – 12:00pm
Andrus Gerontology Center Room 224
Featured Speaker : Steve Horvath, UCLA
More Information : https://www.usc.edu/calendar/event/910384

The International Exhibition of Innovation and Competitiveness – 16-18 September 2014 – Toulouse, France

The first international cross-cutting forum dedicated to generic technologies and their applications

From September 16 to 18, 2014, the first edition of the Innovation Connecting Show will bring together more than 700 international exhibitors of breakthrough innovations and an expected 20,000 visitors at the Parc des Expositions in Toulouse. As a “technopolis” of knowledge, the “Pink City” will raise the banner of international competitiveness, imagining key generic technologies meeting application challenges.

The Innovation Connecting Show promotes tomorrow’s breakthrough technologies, which are the key element of competitiveness and growth for businesses. ICS is a place for "product", "service" and "process" innovations to meet with their future application markets. As such, it aims to promote pioneering partnerships and transfers between sectors, through the development and demonstration of key generic technologies - a global market expected to grow 8% by 2015 – reaching 1 trillion euros.

By extension, the ICS will be a vector of synergies between pioneering businesses, training and research centers, territorial institutions, the French state, Europe and large international institutions. Centralized into 14 sectors, these pioneering businesses and their private and institutional partners will be grouped by business clusters, and by French and international clusters. The 20,000 visitors expected during the show will be able to discover them in one of the 400 booths. 1,000 global innovation leaders invited to the event from all around the globe.
More Information : http://www.ics-show.com/


Please consult Le Fil de Marianne for further information on international calls and job offers.


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