Academy Award Nominee Timbuktu Now in L.A.



Q&A with Timbuktu’ director Abderrahmane Sissako at the London Hotel in West Hollywood, on February 3rd 2015

Genre: Drama
Runtime: 97 min
Language: Arabic, English, French

Director: Abderrahmane Sissako
Writer(s): Abderrahmane Sissako, Kessen Tall
Cast: Abel Jafri, Ibrahim Ahmed, Toulou Kiki

Not far from Timbuktu, now ruled by religious fundamentalists, Kidane lives peacefully in the dunes with his wife Satima, his daughter Toya, and Issan, their shepherd. In town, the people suffer, powerless, from the regime of terror imposed by the jihadists. Music, laughter, cigarettes, even soccer have been banned. The women have become shadows but resist with dignity. Every day, the new improvised courts issue tragic and absurd sentences. Kidane and his family had been spared the chaos that prevails in Timbuktu, but when their destiny changes abruptly, Kidane must face the new laws of the foreign occupiers.

Where to watch the movie in Los Angeles?

Playing at:
Royal thru Feb 12th

Opening at:
Playhouse 7 on Feb 6th
Town Center 5 on Feb 6th
Claremont 5 on Feb 13th
NoHo 7 on Feb 13th


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