Foreign Adoption


A child adopted outside of France by at least one French parent does not automatically have French nationality. For an adoption order to be recognized in France and for the adopted child to acquire French nationality an application must be filed with a Tribunal de Grande Instance de France, or by default, with:

Parquet du Tribunal de Grande Instance de Nantes
Quai François Mitterrand
44000 Nantes, France
The application must be submitted with the following documents:

-Application for full adoption in the form of a handwritten letter by the parent asking for the foreign adoption order issued on (date) in (place) to be recognized in France.
-Birth certificate of each parent
-Parents’ marriage certificate, issued by the mairie (Town Hall) of the place of the marriage in France, or registered with the Consulate if the marriage took place outside of France
-Proof of French nationality (consular registration card and French passport, or valid French national ID card, or Certificate of French nationality)
-Proof of residence (certificat de résidence) issued by the Consulate, rent receipt, utility bills, etc..
-Foreign adoption order translated into French
-American birth certificate of child translated into French.

On completion of this procedure, the child will receive a French birth certificate. He/she will be recognized as French and may be listed in the livret de famille as well as the passports of the parents.
The Tribunal de Grande Instance (TGI) chosen has sole authority to render a decision on the application. Additional documents may be requested.

Important: While the Consulate may be asked by the TGI to forward certain official correspondence to you, it may not intervene in the processing of the dossier in France.

Last modified on 05/10/2015

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