Documents to be produced at the City Hall in France for Mariage

1- Certified copy of birth certificate issued by the Health Department not older than 6 months (in case of impossibility an "Affidavit of Notoriety" signed by three witnesses and notorized, stating the place and date of birth of party and name of parents).

2- A notarized "Affidavit of Law" (in French "Certificat de coutume" - view english translation of document), executed by an Attorney at Law, licensed in the State of residence of the party, certifying that this person is free to marry, that the marriage performed in France will be recognized as valid in his country, and that publication of the marriage announcements are not required under State or Federal Laws. Or by a Court : example :

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3- In case of previous marriages, a certified copy of the death certificate of deceased spouse or a certified copy of the final decree of divorce shall be produced.

4- A residence affidavit showing at least that one of the parties has maintained residence of one month or more (40 days exactly) in the particular town or "Arrondissement" where the marriage will be performed.

In any case, you must consult the Marriage Bureau of the City Hall (Mairie) in France where the ceremony is to be performed, should extra documents be needed.

MARRIAGE ANNOUNCEMENT must be posted at the City Hall (Mairie) at least ten days prior to the ceremony.

TRANSLATIONS: All documents listed above must be translated into French before presentation at the City Hall Marriage Bureau in France. Translations can be done in the United States by "a Translator accredited by the French Consulate ". (See list) Translations must be legalized at this Consulate. *No translation will be legalized unless the original document bears the apostille. For legalization fee, please contact our Chancery Department at: (310) 235-3200.

RELIGIOUS CEREMONY: In France, religious ceremonies have no legal force.
Therefore religious marriages are not celebrated unless the parties have been previously married by the civilian authorities (City Hall-Mairie).

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