Goût de France / Good France [fr]

On March 21, 2018, the world will celebrate Goût de France / Good France! With over 3000 chefs from all five continents, France is inviting the world on a journey. Dinners served simultaneously in participating restaurants will honor the merits of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and its values: sharing, enjoying, and respecting the principles of high-quality, environmentally responsible cuisine. 4 restaurants in the US Southwest have been selected for Good France 2018. Check them out!


3000 chefs, 3000 menus, 5 continents

The World’s Greatest French Dinner

An event organised by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the chef Alain Ducasse

On 21 March in 150 countries Goût de France / Good France will bring together over 3,000 restaurants and 150 embassies over five continents in a celebration of French gastronomy. Chefs from around the world will come together for a meal to celebrate the vitality of French cuisine and unite around the joint values of sharing and pleasure in a planet-friendly and healthy way.

From haute cuisine to quality bistro food, offer a French-inspired meal in your restaurant and participate in this great celebration.


Goût de / Good France in the US Southwest

4 restaurants in our consular district have been selected for Good France 2018

Los Angeles, California

Spring and Church and State


Chef: Tony Esnault

Dine at Spring and visit the South of France in Los Angeles.

Husband and wife team Tony Esnault and Yassmin Sarmadi, whose iconic French bistro Church & State paved the way for sophisticated downtown dining, have created an oasis in the Douglas Building.

Sitting in the atrium dining room, under the glass and steel roof, in the shade of a Pepper tree, listening to the trickle of the fountain, it’s easy to forget the bustle and noise of downtown.

Known for only using fresh and local ingredients, Chef Esnault pays tribute to the season of long days and temperate nights with his full Seasonal Dinner Menu, featuring dishes that are available as each season permits. And, just as Chef Esnault invokes the flavors of the season into his Dinner Menu, his Tasting Menus reflect the same fashion of ingredient ingenuity. The Five-Course Tasting Menu highlights Chef Esnault’s mastery featuring many of his signature dishes. Available as a standalone experience, or with a specially curated Wine Pairing ($46), the Tasting Menus are designed to take guests on a divinely cultured tasting tour of Southern France


257 S. Spring Street 90012
Los Angeles États-Unis
Phone number: (213) 372-5189
Website: http://springlosangeles.com

Church and State
1850 Industrial St
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone number: (213) 405-1434
Website: http://churchandstatebistro.com


Las Vegas, Nevada

RIVEA Las Vegas


Chef: Bruno RIOU

Rivea offers a renewed take on a French and Italian influenced cuisine from Chef Alain Ducasse. A breezy, laid-back atmosphere of white and maritime blues by the acclaimed Parisian design duo Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku, welcomes guests and sets a relaxed vibe. Menu items inspired by the delectable food markets of Provence and Italy create the carefree and vibrant nature of the Riviera, with a focus on simple, fresh plates by Executive Chef Bruno Riou and the best seasonal ingredients from the West Coast. The colors, flavors, and aromas of the south of France and Italy have arrived at Delano Las Vegas!

3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South - The Delano
89119 Las Vegas
Phone number: +1 (702) 632 9500
Website: www.alain-ducasse.com


Santa Fe, New-Mexico



Chef: Xavier Grenet

L’Olivier means “The Olive Tree,” in French. The Olive Tree is a sacred Tree, symbol of Peace, Abundance, and Prosperity, and we hope that your experience follows our name. With each hand-crafted dish, you will taste the abundance of delicious flavors, you find peace with each glass of our specialty wines. You will leave with prosperous memories.

Enjoy our fresh Farm to Table delights, our home-grown herbs, and our house harvested honey. We have herb beds which produce cilantro, rosemary, thyme, basil and other herbs we use. We are proud to have our own bee hives from which we harvest honey and cook with. Some of the items we have delivered from our Farms to Table partners are goat cheese, mushrooms, kale, squash blossom, squash, arugula, greens, cherry tomatoes, carrots, shallots, garlic, beets, eggplants, apples, peaches and melons, cherries, just to name a few. We work closely with many small local farms.

229 Galisteo Street
87501 Santa Fe, NM
Phone number: (505) 989-1919
Website: loliviersantafe.com/


List of participating restaurants worldwide
The Goût de / Good France initiative is being organized by Alain Ducasse and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.

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