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Make Music Day is originally a French holiday, known as “Fête de la Musique”. French Minister of Culture Jack Lang decided to create this annual event, always happening on June 21st (which is the first day of summer) in 1982. The goal is to celebrate summer in music, but also to allow everyone to discover new types of music and to share one’s interests by gathering all day. All artists, from amateurs to professionals, are invited to make music. The event is completely free, and accessible to anyone.

Here is a short foretaste of the events organized by cities in South West America:

- Denver, Colorado
Curtis Park seems to be the high point of the events that are taking place in the whole city: artists will give free shows during all day. If you want to learn harmonica, ukulele or drums, participative sessions will be held in the afternoon. You can also learn the piano at the Clavinova Café (1332 S. Broadway, Suite 200).
For a full list of the events in Denver:

- Fullerton, California
All types of places of the Orange County city are used to celebrate the first day of summer in music: libraries, museums, and also train stations where pianos will be placed as part of the “Tickle my keys” movement. All the musical cultures will be represented: Celtic music (Hillcrest Park Memorial Lawn – 1200 N Harbor Blvd, from 7.45 p.m. to 8.15 p.m.), Latino (103 W. Amerige Av.) or, on a more classical tune, blues and rock (Roadkill Ranch (Parking Lot) – 119 E. Commonwealth Av.).
For a full list of the events in Fullerton with a map of the city:


- San Diego, California
Sand Diego Museum of Making Music is transforming itself on June 21st: no fixed entrance price (“Pay what you wish!”) to make this event free, possibility to bring you own instruments and play wherever you wish in the museum, organization of music lessons… A ukulele participative session, where people from all ages and levels are invited, is organized at the San Diego Music Studio.
For a full list of the events in San Diego:

- Los Angeles, California
Mass Appeal Events are taking place in the entire city: the streets belong to the artists, who are free to animate them (and the public!) with their original skills. You can bring your guitar, but also your ukulele or harmonica. Special place is made to the pBone: a colorful small trombone made of plastic, very easy to play. Artists have already downloaded their playlist: It is now your turn to train for tomorrow! In Santa Monica, the Pier and the beaches are welcoming anyone to perform, from the morning… until no sound is to be heard anymore. Even some hospitals (like the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic or the Downtown Mental Health Center) organize free concerts. People also plan to gather around the Metro Stations.
For a full list of the event in LA:

Los Angeles also celebrates on June 21st the « Summer Solstice », as did the Egyptians, which corresponds to the longest day of the year. It starts today (on June 20th): come to the Griffith Observatory Park that will be open for the occasion, and contemplate the sunset (soon after 8p.m)!


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For a list of Summer Solstice related events in LA:

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