Le baiser du Bataclan - love is our answer [fr]

One year after the attacks of November 13, 2015, some survivors of the Bataclan chose to make a tribute video entitled "Love is our answer". At the origin of the project, Clarisse Lacarrau, who now lives in Los Angeles, explains how this idea started.

LE BAISER DU BATACLAN - un message de la part de rescapes du 13 novembre

"The genesis of the idea :

Their message : The birth of the idea
A year has gone by since the November 13th Paris attacks. As survivors, this past year was about learning to live with what happened, and in the process we realized that it’s Love — love in all of its forms, love as a force of life — that is pushing us to move forward, to keep living,

Recently, we’ve heard and seen a lot of hate-fueled speeches and activity, and we got scared.
We know too well that hatred is exactly what leads to the horror we experienced, so we wanted to send a message to everyone, to state loud and clear that the one thing that matters is the one thing they tried to kill that night (but didn’t succeed?): love.

We also wanted to give something to those in need of love: not just our fellow victims, but also to those who have been stigmatized since — Muslims, police officers and anyone else who felt victimized as a result (maybe?).

The idea of the film is very simple: a few survivors of the Bataclan attack kiss and hug other victims, witnesses and people who gave their bodies and energies that night.

How the film came to life:
We used our personal network to find ten survivors from the Bataclan, who in turn offered others to join them and participate. Pascale, Jean-Loup and Lucie met again with the three sisters who welcomed them that night after they escaped. David and Tiampa called the first-responders who rescued them. Caroline called Françoise, a victim of the Grand Vefour 1983 attack, who’s been giving her the strength to move forward for the past year. Arthur met with his “favorite cop.”.Cédric called Ismaël Mounin, the director, who immediately said yes, and suddenly, there was an incredible energy full of generous people who all allowed us to make this film.

We intended for this film to be raw and physical, but most of all we wanted to put Love on the public stage, as a powerful force, as an energy, as an answer.

Because we are convinced that love is our only answer.

Thank you

Clarisse Lacarrau"

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