Walk of Fame Ceremony - Charles Aznavour [fr]

Charles Aznavour has been honored with a Star on the Walk of Fame August 24, 2014.

French singer and actor Charles Aznavour was honored this Thursday, August 24th on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The 93-year-old artist has now his name carved in bright letters on the mythic boulevard, in front of the Pantages Theater. He is the 2618th personality rewarded by a Star on the Walk of Fame.

Charles Aznavour, an International Ambassador of French Culture was cheered by people’s “bravo” and “vive la France” who came especially for the ceremony. The singer-songwriter of “La Bohème”, “Emmenez-moi” or more “La Mamma” has declared that he would like for: “more things to leave France, like a lot of things come from America to France, that we have an exchange that is about equal. That would be good. We sing fewer and fewer French sonfs in America, and more and more American and English songs in France, we should make a balance so that both are joyful”.

The “France’s Frank Sinatra” like he is nicknamed in the United States, had started his career in the American continent accompanying the French singer Edith Piaf during her American musical tour in 1947. Americans, who named him “Entertainer of the century” in 1998 (CNN / Times Online), where first attracted by his performance in Shoot the Piano Player, before succumbing to his first big hit in English “She” in 1974.

The Consulate General of France in Los Angeles, present during the ceremony, has relayed his congratulations to Charles Aznavour, in the name of the French Embassy. He seized the moment to express the France’s proud with regard to Charles Aznavour, a whole artist: self-made-man, internationally known, intergenerational and committed.

The Walk of Fame ceremony in honor of Charles Aznavour was proposed on Senator Kevin de Leon’s initiative, who underlined in his speech that in France like in the United States, a child of immigrant parents can, with work and talent, reach his dreams. Supported by the Armenian community very present in Los Angeles, Charles Aznavour advised: “I am French and Armenian, both are inseparable, like milk in coffee, it’s fantastic to have two cultures!”.

After a standing ovation for his impressive career, Charles Aznavour closed the ceremony supported by his close family, once and for all happy of this reward.

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