Paris 2018 is visiting California! [fr]

Paris Gay Games presented at the Residence of France in Los Angeles

In August 2018 France will have the privilege of hosting the 10th Gay Games, the world’s largest sports and culture festival, open to all.

On October 5th, Consul General of France in Los Angeles, Christophe Lemoine welcomed the Paris 2018 Gay Games team at his Residence to an evening introducing this remarkable event. The event was presented by Co-President Paris 2018, Manuel Picaud and Officer of Development, Federation of Gay Games, Shamey Cramer, with remarks from the Consul General, Christophe Lemoine and Mayor of West Hollywood, John Heilman.

Mr. Picaud stated, « California is where everything started for the Gay Games in 1982. Since then, the largest Gay Games teams come from San Francisco and Los Angeles. To have Paris 2018 organize events in both cities to meet participants in their communities reflects the respect that we have for our constituency.».

Among the guests, representatives of local clubs, press, Gay Games Ambassadors, partners, with members of the Federation of Gay Games and the Paris 2018 team. Several athletes from California, who already participated in a Gay Games events, shared their experiences : "You do not need to be a professional athlete, the Gay Games are all about participation and inclusion".

Founded in 1982 by Tom Waddell, an American doctor and Olympic decathlete, the Gay Games aim to promote a society in which equality and respect have pride of place. So it was only natural for a country whose motto is “liberty, equality, fraternity” to put itself forward for a sporting event which reaffirms the right of everyone to live their difference in a world open to diversity.

So it’s in Paris that the next Games will be held, from 4 to 12 August 2018. With nearly 15,000 people expected from over 70 countries, the Games will provide the opportunity for visitors to enjoy exceptional facilities such as the Jean Bouin and Sébastien Charléty stadiums, the Grand Palais, the Carreau du Temple, the Salle Pleyel and Vaires-sur-Marne water sports complex, a veritable centre of sporting excellence in the Ile-de-France region.

It proves that France, which will also be hosting the 2024 Olympic Games, has the wherewithal and desire to stage global events.

Making sport and culture genuine levers for inclusion and interaction within society, the Gay Games draw together participants from all backgrounds and remain one of the finest examples of contemporary efforts to highlight the values of sharing and solidarity.

So whether you’re an athlete, supporter, donor or sponsor, whether you want to be a volunteer or are simply in love with France, get yourself to Paris in 2018.

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