Second Edition of « BOULEVARD DES SÉRIES » in Los Angeles [fr]

From June 24-30th, the Office for Cultural Affairs and the Creative Industries in Los Angeles is welcoming eight French TV show screenwriters to Los Angeles for a set of meetings, panels and workshops entirely dedicated to TV series, in partnership with the Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD) and the Institut Français.


At the heart of the American and international TV industry, the eight French authors will meet with professionals and key operators of this cutting-edge business: screenwriters, directors, producers, showrunners, broadcasters and dominant video sharing platforms.

“Boulevard des Séries” aims to foster knowledge-transfer operations between American and French professionals and to highlight the French expertise regarding TV series development, while giving French authors the opportunity to acquire a better overview of American productions. Our gatherings address the methods and modalities for creation between the two countries, from collective writing to lming, editing and post-production.

The Eight Authors:

I. Sylvie Chanteux, screenwriter
She worked on the dramatic arches of Spiral season 7 (Canal +), Beyond the Walls (Arte France), A French Village (France 3), and Plus belle la vie (France 3). She is currently
working on Osmosis for Netflix.

II. Jean Baptiste Delafon, director and screenwriter
He created and worked as a screenwriter on the two seasons of the political series Baron Noir (Canal+). Moreover, he was screenwriter on the first season of Maison Close (Canal+), and on Julie Lescaut from 2001 to 2009 (TF1)

III. Jeremy Fel, novelist
Published by Rivages, his first novel Les Loups à leur porte / Wolves on Their Doorstep (2015), a horror thriller, has been hailed by critics. Fascinated by American literary and mythological history, he cites as major influences the writings of Stephen King and Joyce Carol Oates, and David Lynch’s cinematographic work.

IV. Fred Garson, director and screenwriter
He worked as director on Spin season 3 (France 2) and as a director and screenwriter on The Fall (TF1, BBC 2), a 2018 remake of the original british serie. He was trained by Luc Besson, as screenwriter and assistant director on Joan of Arc, The Fifth Element, and Leon.

V. Fanny Herrero, screenwriter
In 2007, she co-founded S.A.S., a group of screenwriters working on several successful French series: A French Village, Kaboul Kitchen, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça, and created Call my agent!, broadcast on France 2 and Netflix.

VI. Didier Lacoste, screenwriter
He wrote about 15 TV movies and gradually evolved into series writing. Nowadays he has worked on over 50 TV shows, including Guyane in 2017 (Canal +), and Spin in 2016 (France 2), and 9 cinema films.

VII. Alexandre Laurent, director
During the past two years, he has directed two series for TF1 : Le Secret d’Elise (TF1),
adapted from the American series The Oaks, and La Mante (TF1, Netflix), hailed by
Stephen King as the best suspense series. Before that, he worked on Falco (TF1) and
Profilage (TF1).

VIII. Quoc Dang Tran, screenwriter
He worked on several French successful series : Call my agent!, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça. He is currently working on two series: the adaptation of the Japanese manga Drops of Gods for a TV series for France TV, and Marianne, a horror series created by
Samuel Bodin (Tank, The Lazy Company) for OCS.

Last modified on 28/08/2018

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