COVID-19 || Restrictions on entering Metropolitan France and its territorial communities [fr]

As part of the implementation of the emergency health situation in France, restrictions have been placed on entering Metropolitan France and its territorial communities.

Who can enter French territory?

  • European Union citizens, and those from the United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Andorra, Monaco and Switzerland, their spouses and children can return to France, as well as citizens of the Holy See and San Marino, their spouses and children, if they are French residents or if they are travelling through France to return to their residence.
  • Foreigners with a valid residence permit, including a long-stay visa valid as a residence permit, can enter France.
  • Furthermore, the validity of documents authorizing stays in France has been extended for 3 months.
  • In limited cases (particularly the transport of goods), foreigners with a short-term visa may be authorized to enter France.
  • If you are French, naturally you can continue to enter France and travel to your home, along with your spouse and children.

Exempted movement certificates

To return to Metropolitan France, you must fill out and carry with you three documents:

  • the exempted movement certificate for Metropolitan France which can be downloaded on the Ministry of the Interior’s website. You must present this certificate to travel companies before using your travel ticket, as well as to border control authorities (for travel by air, sea and land, including by rail).
  • Sworn Statement of Absence of COVID-19 symptoms (Page 2)
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    (Word - 16.6 kb)
  • An official declaration for exceptional travel if necessary
    Currently all travel in France must be justified using an official declaration for exceptional travel. On French territory, people will be able to travel more than 100 km outside the same department only for absolutely compelling family or professional reasons and on presentation of the official declaration for exceptional travel, in paper or digital format, available from the Interior Ministry website.
    Checks will be carried out at stations, airport terminals, and on roads and motorways.

Travel rules on arrival in France

  • Masks must be worn on public transport in France.
    N.B. In the Ile-de-France, at peak times (6.30 to 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 to 7.00 p.m.), public transport is reserved for people who have a travel declaration from their employer or are travelling for compelling reasons (school, medical reasons etc.). Travel outside these times is not subject to any restrictions.
    Anyone who fails to comply with this will be liable for a €135 fine.

Last modified on 27/05/2020

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