Long stay visa for "Lecteurs" and "Assistants" de Langues

What are "lecteurs de langue étrangère" and "assistants de langue vivante"?

- A "lecteur de langue étrangère" may teach English in a French university.
- An "assistant de langue vivante" may teach English in a French high school or middle school (Teaching Assistant Program in France).

- Long stay visa holders will have to register to the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) during the first three months of their stay in France. For further information, please check the residence permit page.

You must obtain your visa while in the USA. The visa cannot be issued once the applicant is in France.


- During the validity of their visa, holders of a long stay (D) visa are authorized to travel within the other Schengen States without a Schengen visa (for a maximum of 90 days within a six month period)

NOTE: The Los Angeles office does not verify the content nor the accuracy of a translated document, it can only verify the signature of a sworn translator from a list from our consulate website.

Since the Los Angeles office does not verify the content of a translation, you will need to get in touch with a "traducteur assermenté" (sworn translator) in France prior or as soon as you arrive in France, so that he or she can translate and certify your birth certificate ("traduction assermenté") in France.

Do I need a visa?

YES, except if you are a citizen of one of the following countries:

Andorra Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark
Estonia Finland Germany Great-Britain Greece Hungary Iceland
Ireland Italy Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta
Monaco The Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania San Marino
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Vatican

Processing time

- About 7 to 10 calendar days

- Please, apply in advance. Do not wait for the last minute.
- You may apply for your visa no earlier than 3 months before your departure date.

IMPORTANT: Due to the higher number of applicants during July and August, we strongly suggest to apply during the month of SEPTEMBER but no later than 2 weeks before your departure. There is no expedite process.


Please provide us with the ORIGINAL + 1 COPY of each document listed including passport and relevant pages.


1 — Proof of residency in our consulate’s jurisdiction

The French Consulate in Los Angeles only accept applicants who are residents from:
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Southern California, and Southern Nevada.

You will have to show us at least ONE of the following documents:

  • a valid driver license or state ID or temporary DMV license/ID from one of these states, which must be located in the consulate’s jurisdiction (click here for a map) + ONE COPY
  • OR a valid student ID from a university located in our consulate’s jurisdiction). + ONE COPY
  • OR an original lease or rental agreement in the applicant’s name located in the consulate’s jurisdiction. + ONE COPY


- Original passport t + ONE COPY of the identity

  • Must be valid for at least three months after your return to the US, and be in good condition
  • Has least two blank pages left to affix the visa (amendment pages are not suitable for visas).
  • Has been delivered less than 10 years ago date of first issuance (i.e. your passport CANNOT be older than 10 years

If you are not a U.S. citizen please include:

  • A valid U.S. permanent residence card ("green card") (+ ONE COPY)
  • or a valid U.S. visa with valid I-94 and valid I-20. (+ ONE COPY of each)
    • Note: B1-B2 U.S. visa holders: Please, apply in the country of your residence. No visas will be delivered to foreigners holding U.S. B1-B2 visas.

Refugee travel documents and US Re-entry permits are not accepted.
Diplomatic and special passports are not accepted

3 — Long stay visa application form

PDF - 28.4 kb
Long stay visa - Application Form (in English)
(PDF - 28.4 kb)

One long stay visa application form filled out completely and signed by the applicant.
Please remember to indicate a date of departure from the US to France on question number 26.

4 — Passport photograph

- One (1) passport photo. Do not glu or staple.
No older than 6 months, in color, plain white background, photo quality paper, passport size (2"x2"), no glasses, your face must fill about 75% of the photograph, taken facing the camera, no side or angled view, no smiling, uncovered (head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown)

5 — OFII residency form

PDF - 396.8 kb
version 2017 (PDF - 396.8 kb)

The OFII residence form (in French) duly filled out (upper part only) (+ ONE COPY)
For further information, please check the residence permit page.

6 — Your work authorization

- The work contract duly stamped by the French authorities :

  • For "assistants de langue vivante" :
    • Your original "Arrêté de nomination" stamped by the French Ministry of Labor "Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi" DIRECCTE. No scans, no fax. (+ ONE COPY)
  • For "lecteurs de langue étrangère" :
    • Your work autorization from French Office of immigration and integration (OFII). For more information contact the University in France that will host you or the OFII. This document is usually sent directly by the OFII to the consulate. Please ask the University if you wish to have a copy of this document, if we receive your "work authorization" from France, we do not give copies. (+ ONE COPY)

7 - In order to have your passport mailed back you must bring:

  • A self-addressed FedEx Express "US Airbill" or an online prepaid FedEx Airbill printed from the FedEx website
  • and FedEx enveloppe
  • for US Airbill, please fill out your own address twice (you are the sender AND the recipient):
Your name and address
Select shipping preference
Your name and address
Billing information

- We will NOT accept other methods of delivery: (NO USPS, NO UPS, NO FedEx "Ground/Home" service))


Important information

- The consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant.
- Please be aware that submitting the aforementioned documents does not guarantee the approval of the visa.
- The French Consulate in Los Angeles can refuse the issuance of a visa.


Every applicant must apply in person and must make an appointment on our website. No exceptions. Fingerprints and a photograph must be taken in our premises in Los Angeles.
  • If you are not able to attend, please free a slot by canceling or rescheduling your appointment by logging back in the appointment system and click on “changing your appointment”.
    You will need your “LAX” confirmation number and passport number.
  • Due to the high number of applicants, the French Consulate reserves the right to cancel appointments made by the same person on the same day (or even on two different dates).

WARNING: To use the system, the following configuration is required :

  • Adobe Acrobat reader
  • Allow pop-ups

Last modified on 20/07/2017

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