Workshop on NanoBioPhotonics in Marseille - October 26-29 2009

NanoBioPhotonics is a growing research field at a strategic crossroad where physics, chemistry, nanotechnology and life sciences meet together. These interactiong areas provide a multi-disciplinary background as well as timely motivations for the development of advanced imaging of biological systems at ultimate time and space scales. Applied and fundamental, as well as technological and exploratory issues related to light-matter interactions in the biological as well as bio-organic-inorganic hybride systems at the nano and molecular scales are the increased focus of recent research in the field of nanobiophotonics.

This event follows up the 2008 Workshop in Nanobiophotonics in the USA. The continued objective of bringing together the major forces from France and the USA in the field of NanoBioPhotonics has been extended to include Japanese experts. This event was co-organized by Sophie Brasselet, Ph.D and Hervé Rigneault, Ph.D from the Institut Fresnel in Marseille ; Pr. Satoshi Kawata, Prahbat Vermat,Ph.D and Yuika Saito, Ph.D from the University of Osaka and Mireille Guyader, Ph.D, Attaché for Science and Technology at the French Embassy in the USA.

More than 30 scientists were gathered at the hotel Villa Massalia in Marseille. They gave an update about their research progress during talks sessions and were given the opportunity to discover Marseille, its sights and its famous coastline. This event allowed rich scientific discussions and exchanges between experts from the 3 countries and several collaboration projects were discussed, thus comforting the success of this event.

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