Success for the renewal of the Cafés des Sciences! [fr]

Success for the renewal of the Cafés des Sciences: to promote science and share knowledge with the community

The French Office for Science and Technology has revived the Cafés des Sciences in order to promote Sciences with the public, French science or led by French scientists in the south-west of the US. The first edition took place on March 4, 2020 in partnership with the Alliance Française in Los Angeles; others are in the pipeline with AFs in Pasadena and San Diego.

With over 40 attendees, the scientific outreach conference “Healthy Brains, Happy Children” and networking event was a success. The French Office for Science and Technology of the Consulate General of France, in partnership with l’Alliance française de Los Angeles was thrilled to renew the Café des Sciences!

©Matthias Carette - Consulate General of France in Los Angeles

The advancement of science is the product of daily work, step by step, by thousands of researchers. Science is vast, complex, fascinating, and abundant; everything is science, and science is everywhere. Our scientific knowledge, in all fields, is constantly improving, giving us an increasingly comprehensive, fair and precise vision of the world.

Cafés des Sciences are regular meetings with short scientific talks (40min) tackling very diverse subjects : neurobiology, mathematics in nature, climate change and health, space exploration, renewable energies, creation of medicines, swimming across the Atlantic Ocean ... It is a place where all curiosities grow! They are for everyone, free, in English, and followed by a wine and cheese reception.

On Wednesday March, 4th, Stéphanie Brillant, journalist, author, and filmmaker gave us a very resourceful talk about what shapes the children’s brains and how to foster kindness in kids and calm their powerful emotions!

In 2017, she directed and produced the documentary Brainious, and last year wrote a book called Brain Guide for Enlightened Parents. Stephanie Brillant is interested in the brain not according to its structural or metabolic aspects like a neuroscientist but by encompassing all scientific knowledge. In particular, the development of the brain during childhood, the establishment of a link between behaviour, personal development and education. Indeed, recent discoveries demonstrate that brain development is influenced and shaped by the type of education one receives and the relationship one has, especially from parent to child. She also provided us with practical tools to create healthy experiences for young minds to grow in a living and interactive speech.

With a combination of insightful speaker, tasty food, even better company, we could not have hoped for a better first edition of Café des Sciences 2020. We would like to sincerely thank Stéphanie Brillant for the thought-provoking talk and the Alliance Française de Los Angeles for the great partnership.

And more Cafés des Science are going to be organized with other AFs, in Pasadena and San Diego. In particular, there will be a special series for Earth Day, the week of April 20 to 24th, on themes related to our planet. We hope you enjoyed, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.

[March, 4] Café des sciences : Healthy Brains - Happy Children (w/ Stéphanie Brillant)

The French Office for Science and Technology of the consulate general of France & l’Alliance française de Los Angeles presents HEALTHY BRAINS - HAPPY CHILDREN With Stéphanie Brillant!


This talk is a concentration of "What we need to know" about children’s brains in order to help them release their full potential.
Stéphanie Brillant will share discoveries from neuroscience that help us understand what shapes children’s brains and how to provide healthy experiences for young minds to grow. The speaker will also provide practical tools and strategies to help children overcome struggles and difficult emotions, improve their memory and attention, deal with failure and setbacks, enhance cooperation, foster kindness and empathy.

Date and Time

Wed, March 4, 2020
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM PST
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Alliance Française de Los Angeles
10390 Santa Monica Boulevard
suite 120, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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