Application for French Retirement Pension

Pursuant to the SS Agreement signed between France and the US on March 2, 1987 which became effective on July 1st, 1988, any citizen residing in the US, must apply for his French retirement pension at the American SS office nearest to his home.

The applicant must fill up a form No. SSA-2490 which will be forwarded to the SSA* in Baltimore by the local US office. Upon receipt of the applicant’s file the Social Security Office of Baltimore will send him an acknowledgment of receipt.

A formulaire de liaison (inter-office form), containing proof of the date the application for French benefits was filled, together with proof of the (identity) information checked by the SSA, will be forwarded to France. The French Agency will contact the applicant directly so that the French form may be completed.

The agreement is limited to retirement, disability, and survivors insurance benefits.

*SSA = Social Security Administration
Address : INTPSC - Totalization - PO Box 17049 - Baltimore, MD 21235
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